Embed Eagle Eye Live Video Player

Eagle Eye Netowrks makes it easy to embed live video into your existing app or website. There are many applications where video can make the product significantly better. This can be used for show what the surf conditions are at a local beach. It can be a critical component of responding to emergency situations. It can also be used to check on your dog at doggy daycare.

Step 1: Construct the API Call

Each camera in our system has a unique identification number. We refer to this as the ESN. You can find the ESN for you camera by looking in camera settings. This will be passed into the URL as the `id` parameter

The second piece of this is providing the authorization token for this call. There are several ways to make pass your authorization token. It can be passed as a cookie with the request or as the `A` parameter. Passing it this way can be convenient for constructing URLs for the user.

Now that our know how to construct the URL, we can go ahead an put everything together. Our URL now looks like:


Step 2: Embedding the iFrame

You can add the following line to your webpage to embed the video player. The `src` attribute should be set to the correct URL.

<iframe src="https://login.eagleeyenetworks.com/live/index.html?id=device&A=auth_token">

You can improve the performance when live streaming by using the user's active_brand_subdomain but that is beyond the scope for this article. You can find more infomation about that here.

What else can we do with this?

Including video with a single line of code is very powerful. There are many places where it can be added to augment and improve existing functionality. I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at api_support@een.com