Answers to Common Questions

There are several common questions that we get as people start using the Eagle Eye Networks API.

What cameras do you support?

Our aim is to support every camera we can. We believe the best approach to camera compatability is to be open. We primarily support ONVIF profile S but we also can support RTSP directory, analog (NTSC/PAL) cameras, or TVI cameras (through an encoder).

You can find out current list of support cameras here.

Getting support for a new camera

If an unknown camerea is detected by our bridge, the user has an option to request support for this camera. This is an automated process that can happen remotely. We just need to have the camera connect to a bridge.

Some camera manufacturers will make significant changes between firmware versions that may require the camera goes thorugh the support process again.

Any difference between types of cameras in the API?

There is no difference between the camera types in our API. We abstract away the differences so that our technology partners can depend on a consistent API. We provide the same streams for each camera regardless of the camera type. In the case of analog cmaeras that do not send multiple streams, the conversion happens on the bridge.

What about adding other devices (encoders, decoders, etc)?

It is always possible to add the caemra as a RTSP stream. It can be added as two streams or as just a single stream. This opens the possibility to working with a wide range of devices.

This can be used to record the output of a computer display at a kiosk or recording video from a drone. It can also be used for specialty hardware that outputs sensor data overlayed on video for videowall applications.

What else can we do with this?

The options are almost limitless. It really just depends on what you wanting to do. I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at